MPA advocates to improve the psychological health of Minnesotans and advance the practice of psychology. We believe it is important for our members to have the opportunity to communicate current issues that are important for MPA to take a formal stance on. Below is a link to an online form that can be completed as a tool to communicate this with MPA leadership. Once the online form has been completed in its entirety, the MPA Executive Committee will notify you as to whether the request has been accepted, in which case you will be asked to help draft a statement, or if the request has been declined. The form is submitted to the Executive Director who will pass it along to the Executive Committee within 48 hours. The Executive Committee will vote on whether or not to create a formal stance within one week of receiving the submission.

Please see the criteria below that will be used by the Executive Committee to determine whether or not a formal stance will be taken.

Decision criteria for public statements:

  • Submission must be from a current MPA member - Join today!
  • Statement is consistent with MPA mission statement and diversity statement
  • Topic area of statement is within the expertise of psychologist
  • Topic area is of important MPA and to its broad and diverse membership
  • Statement is supported by psychological research and theory
  • Statement is timely for MPA, the state, and public discourse

See past examples:

  • MPA Affirms the Statement of APA President In Response To Shooting At Pittsburgh Synagogue
    “We are horrified and heartbroken by this terrible crime and send our thoughts of compassion to the victims, their families and first responders, several of whom were also injured, and to the larger Jewish community...
    Click here to continue reading the statement.
  • MPA Affirms APA's Statement on Proposed Reforms of Sexual Assault Rules for Universities
    “APA is concerned about the potential negative impact of the proposed Title IX regulation on victims of campus sexual assault and overall campus climate..."
    Click here to continue reading the statement.

Click here to view the full list of MPA public statements.

Click here to complete step one of the online public issue response form.