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We are so excited that you are here and hope that the following information is helpful to you during your studies. We offer a variety of information in relation to practicum sites, internships, mentorships, and helpful links when you are burning fuel in the early hours of the morning to finish that paper!

We would encourage you to check us out on Facebook where you can find all the latest information happening within the Student Division of MPA! When you like us on Facebook, not only do you get to hear the latest happenings at MPA, but we also include weekly posts to help you through those difficult times as students, as well as connection to others who are doing the same work! We also have a blog where we highlight student voices and issues. Students are more than welcome to contribute to the blog, more information can be found on the website. Be sure to check out the links to our newsletters below!

If there is anything that we can do as Co-Chairs we would love to hear from you! The best way to contact us is at [email protected] or through a personal message on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you, meeting you, and supporting you through college!


MPA Student Division Chairs

Quincy Guinadi | Co-Chair | [email protected]
  David Van Engen | Co-Chair | [email protected]

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