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It has been said that timing is everything…

MPA leadership happened to be in Washington DC this past weekend and early this week as the recent “replacement” for the ACA came out.  It actually appeared the night before we had scheduled meetings with virtually all of Minnesota’s congressional delegation.  We had met earlier with staff from APAPO, the political voice for psychologists (APA speaks for psychology) in preparation for those meetings.  With the release of the proposed bill we quickly read what we could and sought to address concerns that MPA has about the legislation.  Here are those concerns…

Parity in coverage for mental health care.  Any replacement of the ACA needs to provide protections for parity in insurance coverage.  Parity, the statute that insurance that covers physical and mental health needs must provide equality of coverage.  Parity is the law of the land. The repeal of the Essential Health Benefit portion of Medicaid expansion is an attack on parity.

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