Online Education

Below is a list of online educational opportunities that are available to all members and non-members. The links will take you to our online catalog of on-demand webinars that you may register for and complete on your own time.

Dynamics, Not Diagnoses: Assessing and Responding to the Best Interests of the Polarized Child

Understanding and Treating Selective Mutism

Third Wave Behavioral Therapy & Eating Disorders (ACT and DBT)

Becoming Diet Culture Dropouts: Clinical Interventions for Size & Body Acceptance in Eating Disorder Treatment

Tobacco Treatment for People Not Ready to Quit

Ethics Across The Professional Lifespan

Impacts of Substance Use on Adolescent Brain and Behavioral Development

Mindfulness, Group Therapy, and Psychosis

Caring for the Human Spirit: A Cooperative Approach to Whole-Person Care

Tackle the Challenges of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application Process with Two IRB Members

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBTP): An Introduction to Treating Psychosis with CBT

The Western Disease: Autism in the Somali Community

Racialized Labor, Racial Battle Fatigue, and Cultural Health

Black Male Suicide: Assessment and Intervention

Why Reliability Matters to Psychologists & What You Need to Know

The Hidden Cultural Behaviors of African Americans

The Nuts and Bolts of Meta-Analysis: A Guide for the Practitioner, Not Statistician

Telehealth and Suicide Risk in Rural Populations: Assessment and Intervention

Planting the Seeds: The Influence of Culture on Resilience, Hope and Wellness

Review of Dementia with Lewy Bodies

Stress and Anxiety During Uncertain Times: COVID-19 and Climate Change as Opportunities for Effective Coping

Update on Adult Psychiatric Medications: What Therapists Need to Know

Working with the Geriatric Client

Cognitive Screening of Older Adults in Psychological Practice

Clinical Issues in Adoption Through the Lifespan

Extending Cancer Stress Management to the Rural Practice Setting

Establishing an Ethical Prime Directive: A Proactive and Informed Approach to Navigating Rural Ethical Dilemmas

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