Divisions are MPA groups that connect members in specialty areas within psychology.

Getting involved in an MPA division gives you an opportunity to connect with others in your specialty area. Whether you’re interested in improving Minnesota’s private practices, or leading psychology in the next generation, you can find your outlet for connection and leadership in a division of MPA.

Members interested in joining a Division and being added to that Division’s listserv should email [email protected].

Academic Division

The principal mission of the Academic Division is to promote and support a culturally diverse group of psychologists engaged in academic, educational, administrative, and research roles. Through conference presentations, continuing education and workshops, we seek to provide opportunities for academic psychologists to share knowledge and resources on the research and practice of psychology. We also seek to support academic psychologists in their professional growth and development, through educational opportunities, community building, and mentoring.  We are dedicated to the values of social-cultural diversity, equity, opportunity and inclusion—especially for those with marginalized identities. Together with our practice colleagues, we strive to grow the quality of life of students, professionals, and the communities we serve.

Jenny Wettersten, M.A., LP | Chair

Child Psychology Division

The purpose of the Child Psychology Division of the Minnesota Psychological Association (MPA) is to represent psychologists in Minnesota who have interest in professional work with children and adolescents. We want to encourage and support these psychologists as they ensure the well-being of all children and adolescents of Minnesota.

Yasmine Moideen, Ph.D., LP | Co-Chair
David Nathan, Psy.D., LP | Co-Chair



Clinical Psychopharmacology & Collaborative Practice Division

The division of clinical psychopharmacology and collaborative practice was developed to create a forum for psychologists and other interested parties to discuss the importance and relevance of psychologists gaining advanced training in psychopharmacology and how that training can improve patient care and enhance relationships with other healthcare providers. The division also serves as the community within the Minnesota Psychological Association for proponents of legislation to advance prescriptive authority for psychologists in Minnesota.

Early Career Psychologist Division

The Early Career Psychologist Division of MPA seeks to empower, advocate for, and connect early career psychologists (defined as post-graduation) with opportunities to network, consult with other psychologists, and establish vibrant careers throughout Minnesota. The ECP Division hosts social events for new psychologists, advocates for specialized continuing education opportunities of particular relevance to new psychologists, and encourages communication and consultation with fellow early career psychologists.

Andrew Fink, Psy.D., LP | Chair


Forensic Division

Forensic psychology is a very specialized area, and this division is dedicated to supporting those in this field [and those they serve], by sharing knowledge, research, resources and other professional development opportunities [through presentations, discussion of topics, and networking]. We hope that the activities of the Forensic Division will assist in engaging and generating enthusiasm for this field of psychology as well as to promote high levels of integrity, ethics and professionalism in our work. We are equally dedicated to the values of socio-cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion in the activities we host.

Brenda Frye, M.Ed., Ph.D. | Chair

Multicultural Division

The mission of the Society for Multicultural Services is to enhance and advance professional psychological practice to benefit diverse human differences that include, but are not limited to, differences in age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language or socioeconomic status.

Elizabeth Fleming, Psy.D. | Chair


Psychoanalytical Studies Division

Updated division mission statement coming soon.

Elizabeth Cashin, M.A., LP | Chair


Psychologists in Health Care Organizations Division

Psychologists in health care organizations are an integral and important sector within the rapidly changing healthcare environment. The Psychologists in Health Care Organizations Division of the MPA serves to support and enhance the ongoing contributions of psychologists employed in health care settings and cultivate new opportunities in this dynamic area. As the most recent MPA division, our aim is build a community and network of practicing psychologists to facilitate understanding, knowledge, and practice of psychology within health care settings.

Mark Lynn, Ph.D., LP, ABPP | Chair


Psychology Practice Division

Psychologists in private practice represent a significant asset to the state of Minnesota for providing a range of high quality psychological services including psychotherapy, assessment, and consultation. The Psychology Practice Division exists to support psychologists, the mental health practitioners trained specifically in psychology, to effectively manage the roles, responsibilities and challenges of this rewarding and relevant professional occupation. Often working as sole practitioners, the PPD offers psychologists in private practice a community of peers for support, consultation, and advocacy.

Susan McPherson, Ph.D., LP, ABPP | Chair

Public Service Division

This Division has a focus on the contributions that psychologists make in the public sector of providing the full range of clinical services for health and mental health needs of the community. The integration of psychological services with other health care services is essential and enhances the well being of those who are in need. Public Health Division psychologists may function in other public sectors such as education, juvenile and adult criminal justice, health promotion or prevention, early intervention, rehabilitation, long-term care, homeless and virtually any public service activity. Assessment, treatment, research, management, consultation and organization activities are included. We encourage those who would like to explore public service as a professional area to develop expertise and enhance society.

Jennifer L. Harrison, Ph.D., LP | Chair

Check out this overview of the division!

Rural & Greater Minnesota Division

The purpose of the Rural and Greater Minnesota Division (R&G-MN) of the Minnesota Psychological Association (MPA) is to represent psychologists from outside the Metropolitan area and/or who have particular interests in rural issues and practice.The R&G-MN Division was formed to advance the science and practice of rural behavioral health, by promoting evidence based methodology and research specifically designed to enhance the emotional well-being of rural residents. The R&G-MN Division also supports and advocates for rural psychologists in achieving licensure, best-practices, and financial resources.

The division includes a Rural Conference Committee which holds the Annual Rural Behavioral Health Practice Conference, in partnership with other organizations. Its purpose is to make quality continuing education available to behavioral health professionals about the particular practice issues involved in working with rural people and communities. It is broadcast in the fall from a Minnesota site, with options to attend at group webcast sites or by individual webcast.

Jonathan Aligada, Psy.D., LP | Chair

Student Division

The purpose of the Student Division of MPA is to represent students enrolled in graduate and undergraduate psychology programs (or programs with psychological curriculum) and who have particular interests in education, training, and networking with other students and professionals in the field of psychology. Being a student can be an overwhelming experience and we are here to support you. We have multiple opportunities for students to connect and receive support — applying to the mentorship program, joining a committee, contributing to our blog, and attending our monthly socials. Our goal is to be a supportive presence to students as they embark on their journey to become psychologists. 

Check out our new student blog that highlights student voices & issues across MN: https://mpastudentdivision.org/

Quincy Guinadi | Co-Chair

David Van Engen | Co-Chair

Women's Division

Each year the Division of Women plans programming on an issue pertinent to women or women in psychology. The Division maintains an active listserv for members and has sponsored representatives to attend the Committee of Women in Psychology Network meeting at APA.

Sharon Stein McNamara, Ed.D, LP | Chair