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New or Returning (after five years) Member Introductory Rate

Fee: $96.00 for first year; $295 per year after

Requirements: This introductory rate is available to anyone who has either never been an MPA member or has not been a member for at least five years. [Note: Former student members who are new graduates may join MPA as a "new" member for one year at this introductory rate.]

Benefit Details: In order to participate in any of the listservs, you must be an MPA member who holds/held a license in psychology, or a student member who is a graduate student in a psychology program, and must be a member of the listserv’s division.

ECP Tiered Membership

We understand that Early Career Psychologists are the future of MPA and want to make accommodations for them to be able to join without worrying about costs. We welcome any psychologist who is within 10 years of graduating to join MPA at this discounted rate.*

Fee structure:

  • $49 first year
  • $96 second year
  • $175 third year
  • $225 fourth year
  • Full rate ($295) fifth year

*Current members (except student members) are ineligible to renew at this tiered pricing.

Requirements: Must be a new or lapsed (after five years) member to be eligible for this special membership offer and must be within 10 years of graduating. [Note: Former student members who are new graduates may join at this rate.]


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