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We believe it is important for our members to have the opportunity to communicate current issues that are important for MPA to take a formal stance on. MPA has created an online form that can be completed as a tool to communicate this with MPA leadership. Click here to learn more.

MPA Affirms Statement: APA Calls for Destigmatizing Coronavirus


MPA affirms the position of the American Psychological Association in combating the COVID-19 related racism and discrimination that is occurring, particularly toward the Asian community. The spread of COVID-19 has marked an increase in racism, stereotyping, bullying, harassment, and discrimination toward members who are or who are perceived to be of Asian descent. Racial and ethnic identity and group membership does not confer greater risk of spreading or contracting the infection. Research has demonstrated that racism and discrimination contributes to worse physical and mental health outcomes for targeted groups. Additionally, targeted groups are at increased risk during illness outbreaks because they are more vulnerable to attacks and may not seek care when they need it out of fear of experiencing discrimination. For these reasons, MPA strongly denounces the use of language that stigmatizes and promotes bias and xenophobia. As a community with a large population of Asian residents, we want our Minnesota friends, neighbors, and colleagues to know that we value their health and well-being and are strongly against any behavior or language that targets them. MPA recommends taking active steps against racism and discrimination including speaking up when witnessing racist acts, building connections with targeted groups to increase the visibility of their experience, and reporting incidents of discrimination to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights by calling 651-539-1133 or 1-800-657-3704.

In addition to denouncing these overt acts of racism, MPA recognizes that the systemic inequities that previously existed, which are often more covert and less visible to those who do not directly experience them, are being amplified by this illness outbreak. Structural racism is an underlying condition in its own right and is the background against which COVID-19 will take its toll. Consistent with our diversity statement, we at MPA remain committed to combatting racism and other forms of prejudice and continue to value diversity within our community.


MPA States Concerns for Potential St. Joseph's Hospital Closure

1/15/2020: The Minnesota Psychological Association is deeply concerned about the potential closing of M Health Fairview - St Joseph’s Hospital in St Paul, MN. Loss of this facility would result in a 1/3 reduction in mental health and addiction beds in the city. Inpatient services for mental health and addiction are few. Loss of these beds would almost certainly trigger a crisis. Spillover into emergency rooms and jails would decrease patient care, increase the financial burden of taxpayers, and further criminalize and stigmatize mental health concerns. Further, health disparities would worsen for racial and ethnic minority communities, as over 70-80% of patients in mental health and addiction beds at St Joseph’s Hospital are on public insurance. St Joseph’s Hospital cares for a more diverse and poorer patient population than any other M Health Fairview Hospital. Fairview would be abandoning this population of patients while expanding care for White and more affluent patients in the suburbs. We ask that the Board of Directors for Fairview Health Services reflect on their espoused values of service and compassion and decide to maintain the mental health and addiction beds at St Joseph’s Hospital. 


MPA Affirms the APA Statement on Expected Rule Eliminating 20-Day Limit on Detaining Immigrant Children

Decision is detrimental to children's mental health, says APA. Click here to read the full statement.



"Our condolences are with the families and friends of those killed or injured in these horrific shootings and with all Americans affected every day by the twin horrors of hate and gun violence.

“As our nation tries to process the unthinkable yet again, it is clearer than ever that we are facing a public health crisis of gun violence fueled by racism, bigotry and hatred. The combination of easy access to assault weapons and hateful rhetoric is toxic. Psychological science has demonstrated that social contagion — the spread of thoughts, emotions and behaviors from person to person and among larger groups — is real, and may well be a factor, at least in the El Paso shooting...

Click here to read the full statement.


MPA Affirms the Recent Statement by APA President, Rosie Phillips Davis, Ph.D., on the Pernicious Effect of Racism on Physical and Mental Health

“Statements such as, ‘Go back where you came from’ or ‘Send her back’ can cause pervasive harm to the health and mental health of people of color across the nation. Psychological science has demonstrated that racism can cause mental health symptoms similar to trauma. Racism has been shown to have negative cognitive and behavioral effects on both children and adults and to increase anxiety, depression, self-defeating thoughts and avoidance behaviors. I personally understand the harmful impact of such statements and implore my fellow citizens to think carefully before they speak because words have measurable consequences. This is not who we are as Americans.”

Click here for the full statement.


MPA Affirms the Statement of APA President In Response To Shooting At Pittsburgh Synagogue

“We are horrified and heartbroken by this terrible crime and send our thoughts of compassion to the victims, their families and first responders, several of whom were also injured, and to the larger Jewish community...
Click here to continue reading the statement.


MPA Affirms APA's Statement on Proposed Reforms of Sexual Assault Rules for Universities

“APA is concerned about the potential negative impact of the proposed Title IX regulation on victims of campus sexual assault and overall campus climate..."
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MPA Affirms the APA Statement Regarding Transgender Individuals Serving in the Military

The Governing Council of the Minnesota Psychological Association (MPA) affirms the American Psychological Association's (APA) statement regarding transgender individuals serving in the military. We are concerned about the negative impact these policies can have on transgender Minnesotans serving in the military. These limits are not based on rigorous psychological research. We stand with transgender individuals and call on the Trump administration to reconsider these limits on their service.

Click here to read APA's press release.


MPA Calls on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota to Cease Recoupment

December 18, 2017

Today MPA formally requested that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota (BCBSMN) cease its efforts to recoup overpayments for Medicaid claims made to behavioral health providers due to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s own errors in processing those claims. We understand the critical nature of this issue and will be working on your behalf during this challenging time.
MPA has issued a press release available here.

Read the letter here.

If you wish to file a complaint yourself, you can send it to Marie Zimmerman who oversees Medicaid for the State - [email protected]

You can also file a complaint with the Department of Commerce here.

In situations like these, many voices help.
Minnesota Psychological Association


MPA Condemns Trump Administration for Word Ban

December 18, 2017

Today MPA issued a press release condemning the directive from Trump Administration to ban the use of certain words by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Please click here to read the full press release.


Diversity Statement

The Minnesota Psychological Association actively encourages the participation of all psychologists regardless of age, creed, race, ethnic background, gender, socio-economic status, region of residence, physical or mental status, political beliefs, religious or spiritual affiliation, and sexual or affectional orientation.Although we are an organization of individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds, the Minnesota Psychological Association also recognizes our core unifying identities as Psychologists who practice in America. We also recognize that we may hold unintentional attitudes and beliefs that influence our perceptions of and interactions with others. Within this context of unity and self-exploration, we are committed to increasing our sensitivity to all aspects of diversity as well as our knowledge and appreciation of the unique qualities of different cultures and backgrounds.We aspire to becoming alert to aspects of diversity, previously unseen or unacknowledged in our culture. In this spirit, we are committed to collaborating with multicultural groups to combat racism and other forms of prejudice as we seek to promote diversity in our society. To this end, we are dedicated to increasing our multicultural competencies and effectiveness as educators, researchers, administrators, policy makers, and practitioners.