Trisha Stark, Ph.D., LP, M.P.A., M.J. Stepping Down from MPA FAC and Legislative Committee Chair

Trisha Stark, Ph.D., LP, M.P.A., M.J.
MPA Federal Advocacy Coordinator & Legislative Committee Chair

April 26, 2021

It is with a great sadness that we announce that our beloved Trisha Stark has decided to resign her positions as MPA Federal Advocacy Coordinator (FAC) and Legislative Committee Chair. Dr. Stark will be stepping down from these roles at the end of 2021. Trisha has graciously given her time and expertise in serving MPA and the people of Minnesota over the years in a variety of additional roles including MPA President, Director of Professional Affairs, and Executive Director.

Trisha leads with a quiet but courageous voice and has the ability to connect with legislators across the political spectrum. Trisha’s unique combination of knowledge, humility, and compassion will not easily be replaced. Her influence has helped her fellow psychologists in lobbying and legislative efforts and in serving our clients. Trisha has advocated fiercely for scope of practice, efficient adoption of electronic health records, decreasing disparities in access to mental health care, and connecting psychologists with legislators. During the ever increasing demand for mental health services during the COVID pandemic, Trisha has fought for telehealth services, audio only services, and PSYPACT legislation.

Trisha has been a guiding force within MPA, helping to lead the organization in advancing its mission and helping to protect and expand the scope of practice of psychologists at the state and federal levels. Her leadership and expertise have helped to build a solid foundation upon which MPA will continue to pursue its mission “to serve the science of psychology and its applications throughout Minnesota so the interests of public welfare and psychologists are mutually enhanced.”

Trisha, the MPA, the State of Minnesota, and the profession of Psychology owe you a debt of gratitude that we can never repay. We wish you the best in your future endeavors and look forward to continued connection in friendship and as colleagues.