Top Ten Reasons to Join MPA

1. We have your back: advocacy for psychology is MPA's highest priority.

Worried about the future of psychology and want to make sure your voice is heard?  MPA represents you and is the only organization in Minnesota protecting your professional interests.  There is strength in numbers and as more psychologists become dues-paying members of MPA, the strength of your voice with legislators and regulators grows. Our consultants, volunteers and leadership regularly meet with legislators and regulators to advocate on behalf of psychologists to help advance the practice of psychology in Minnesota.  Our member volunteers work hard to keep psychologists abreast of issues that affect practice, privacy, patients’ rights, and any other professional matters as they evolve.  Your annual dues support a professional lobbyist at the state legislature who looks out both for your professional interests and the mental health needs of our citizens.  A Member of the MPA Governing Council serves on the Board of Psychology and helps to keep the lines of communication open. Our Legislative Committee develops an annual legislative agenda for MPA and works closely with MPA’s lobbyist to implement it and to track legislative activity of interest to MPA, psychology in general, and to protect the psychological and general well-being of Minnesota citizens.

2.  Get good advice when you need it.

Need for a professional consultation?  Just call us.   You are not alone and can avoid professional pitfalls by accessing the resources of MPA. Our members value timely, helpful advice and can count on MPA to assist them in finding the resources they need.  At no cost, as a member of MPA, you can consult with our Ethics Committee, Director of Professional Affairs, or our knowledgeable leadership team (Governing Council, Committee and Division chairs) on any number of matters, and get answers quickly.  At a very low cost, you can purchase legal consultation services to help you navigate risk management issues.  By joining MPA you have more resources available to help you find answers to your questions on issues related to the business of practice, insurance and third-party payors, licensing laws, and regulations.  MPA has staff and volunteers who can direct you to resources that you need when you need them.

3. Build your network.

Want to collaborate with colleagues and belong to a community of professional psychologists?  MPA is the place for you to do both. With our Members-Only interactive listservs, you can stay connected with other psychologists, learn about what others are doing in their professional practices, and discuss a wide array of topics. This is a 24/7 resource that you can use when you become a dues-paying member of MPA, whenever you have a question or need information and input from your psychologist colleagues.  MPA Divisions are based on common areas of practice and interest (Psychology Practice, Public Service, Multicultural, Students, Early Career Psychologists, Forensics, Psychoanalytical Studies, Psychologists in Health Care Organizations, Women Psychologists, Clinical Psychopharmacology & Collaborative Practice, and Rural & Greater Minnesota).  The MPA Division listservs are great ways to network with a smaller sub-set of colleagues who share your professional interests.

4. Stay informed. 

Want to make sure you know what’s happening in the practice of psychology and how it affects your practice?  Want to broaden your knowledge base? MPA gives you the information you need to know, delivered right to your computer or smartphone. As a member, every two weeks you will receive the MPA Tuesday Event and News Update email full of information about upcoming continuing education opportunities, current news and alerts to help you stay informed and up-to-date with the latest legal, regulatory, and professional developments.

5. Grow your business.

Looking for referrals to help grow your psychology practice?  MPA can help. Our members can join the MPA Find-a-Psychologist Service, the statewide program that puts consumers in touch with member practitioners, and/or the Legal Forensic Directory, a listing for Attorneys trying to find psychologists with expertise who might assist in legal matters. The sophisticated search engine on the Find-a-Psychologist web page enables consumers to search by location, specialty, population served, theoretical orientation, ethnicity, and other categories, either alone or in combination.  MPA plans to strategically advertise these referral services in many places, in both print and online sources, to help potential clients find you.  Also, as you connect with other psychologists on the listservs or at CEU events, you will be gaining valuable referral information for your clients.  Bottom line: joining MPA is good for your business.

6. Get your CEUs as a member and save money.

Looking for affordable professional CEU workshops and conferences?  MPA has them! Enjoy special member pricing at all MPA-sponsored CEU events, including monthly half-day First Friday Forums, the 2-day Annual Convention, Rural & Greater Minnesota Conference, President's Conference, and Distinguished Scholar Lectures.  MPA is continuing to develop and provide additional online and virtual programs developed specifically for MPA members.  You can get top-of-the-line, updated information about practice issues that matter, keeping you up-to-date on innovative evidence-based practices and the most current research on a broad array of educational and professional topics. 

7. Make a friend.

Many of our members will tell you that they have made close and meaningful friendships in MPA that have lasted a lifetime.

8. Build a better resume.

MPA membership impresses employers.  Listing your association membership and activities on your c.v. communicates to current and potential employers that you are an active, involved and dedicated psychologist who works at staying connected and up-to-date.

9. Become a mentor.

Erik Erikson defined generativity as concern for guiding the next generation. Mentoring graduate students and younger psychologists in MPA is a rewarding way to give back to the profession and to fulfill your needs for professional generativity.

10. Take charge of your career.

Joining MPA can help you stay motivated and inspired about your life's work.  Meet new people, learn new things, feel less alone and avoid burn-out.  On-line job listings available only to our members are a great way to find new professional opportunities in Minnesota.