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Meet MPA Executive Director Amber Schletty.  Amber has been in the association management business since 2005 working with attorneys, cardiologists, dentists, and insurance professionals. Amber is adept at balancing strategy and daily operations. Her first priority is to gain an understanding of an association’s industry and the opportunities and challenges so she can focus her team’s work on strategic priorities.

Whether working with board leaders or a member with a question, Amber strives to relate to each person and help them understand and connect with the organization’s goals and opportunities.

Amber graduated from Augustana College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with Music and Government minors. She is a member of Associations North. She loves chasing after her kids, reading, cheering for the Timberwolves, and watching really good TV and movies with her husband.

Welcome to MPA Amber! 

MPA Awards State Sen. Kelly Morrison With 2022 Legislator Of The Year Award


This past Monday, MPA awarded Minnesota state senator Kelly Morrison, MD with its Legislator of the Year award for her work as a representative during last year’s legislative session.  
At a small gathering with her on February 27th, MPA leadership and MPA Legislative Committee members presented the plaque honoring her with the award. MPA honored now-Senator Morrison for her outstanding work as the author on MPA’s provider tax bill, Medical Assistance Rates Adjustment bill, and other bills important to MPA in recent years. 
Of particular note, then-Representative Morrison was the chief author of the interstate psychology compact, known as PSYPACT, through the mostly virtual legislative process of the pandemic.  Due to her incredibly hard work, PSYPACT was only one of 12 bills that were signed into law during the entire 2021 session of the Legislature.  Additionally, she was also the chief author of the Telehelath law expansion, and worked with the health plans and DHS to provide for telephone only patient care as part of the Telehealth expansion.  

Legislative Grant from APA

MPA has received a legislative grant in the amount of $7,500 from APA Services, Inc. for expenses related to legislative efforts to address the Medicaid Rate Study and Provider Tax in MN. Thank you APA Services, Inc., including the APA Practice Directorate and the Committee for State Leaders (CSL) for administering this grant.

Thank you to Legislative Committee Co-Chairs Steve Girardeau and Dennis Hannon for facilitating the application of this grant. Their hard work and time spent on the application has helped MPA tremendously.

If you are interested in working on legislative issues that affect psychologists in Minnesota, this committee may be for you. Contact [email protected] to learn how to join the Legislative Committee.



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MPA Diversity Statement

The Minnesota Psychological Association actively encourages the participation of all psychologists regardless of age, creed, race, ethnic background, gender, socio-economic status, region of residence, physical or mental status, political beliefs, religious or spiritual affiliation, and sexual or affectional orientation. Although we are an organization of individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds, the Minnesota Psychological Association also recognizes our core unifying identities as Psychologists who practice in America. We also recognize that we may hold unintentional attitudes and beliefs that influence our perceptions of and interactions with others. Within this context of unity and self-exploration, we are committed to increasing our sensitivity to all aspects of diversity as well as our knowledge and appreciation of the unique qualities of different cultures and backgrounds. We aspire to become alert to aspects of diversity, previously unseen or unacknowledged in our culture. In this spirit, we are committed to collaborating with multicultural groups to combat racism and other forms of prejudice as we seek to promote diversity in our society. To this end, we are dedicated to increasing our multicultural competencies and effectiveness as educators, researchers, administrators, policymakers, and practitioners.