New Member Spotlight: Amy R. Steiner, Psy.D., LP

1)    What is your background in psychology (e.g., education)?

2002 B.A. in Psychology from Butler University (Indianapolis, IN)

2006-2007 Pre-Doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology - Lifespan Neuropsychology track at St. Vincent Hospital and Indiana Neuroscience Institute (Indianapolis, IN)

2007 Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from University of Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN). Emphasis: Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine

2007-2009 Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Clinical Neuropsychology from University of Virginia School of Medicine - Department of Neurology (Charlottesville, VA)

2011 Board-certified in Clinical Neuropsychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP).

2)   Describe your current occupation and any involvement in the Minnesota Psychological Association if applicable.

I have been a neuropsychologist within the department of Neurology at Regions Hospital and HealthPartners for six years. I spend part of my time within the Center for Memory and Aging as a member of a multi-disciplinary team comprised of Behavioral Neurology, Pharmacy, Social Work, and Research. We provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment to those experiencing memory loss or dementia. The remainder of my time is spent in our outpatient clinic where my referrals come primarily from Neurosurgery, PM&R, and Neurology. One of my areas of expertise (and interest) involves complex differential diagnosis of atypical dementias. I commonly evaluate those with a history of stroke, traumatic brain injury, MS, tumor, normal pressure hydrocephalus, mixed dementias, and Mild Cognitive Impairment. I also assist in pre-surgical evaluations for tumor resection and language localization and consideration for deep brain stimulator (DBS) surgery. I also consult on return-to-play decisions in sports-related concussion.

I am not yet directly involved with MPA.  I hope to become more involved in the future as opportunities arise.

3)    What inspired you to pursue a degree in psychology?

I initially pursued psychology with the intent of becoming a therapist in private practice or in a college counseling center. However, through my experiences in graduate school, including a practicum placement at a VA Medical Center, I really became “hooked” when I began working with older adults in an assessment role.  I became fascinated with exploring brain-behavior relationships. I wanted to know more about the various assessment tools utilized in the neuropsychological evaluation and what constructs were being assessed. I was also fortunate to have a spectacular mentor. She helped foster my self-confidence in exploring a field that initially felt very daunting from the textbooks alone. She also demonstrated incredible patience with teaching me about the nuances of neuropsychological assessment from the ground up. Thank you, Dr. Whitney!

4)    Why did you join the Minnesota Psychological Association?

I would like to be more connected within the field of psychology at a local level. Most of the conferences and networking opportunities I have attended to date have involved significant travel or have been exclusive to neuropsychology. Given a change in my family status, I would like the chance to explore other opportunities closer to home. I have also come to appreciate that there are other skills and knowledge I can hone in on related to psychology that will also benefit my patients and their family members.

5)    What do you hope to learn/gain from your new membership?

I am eager to expand my connection with other psychologists locally. As a neuropsychologist, I have discovered immense value in being able to consult with other psychology specialists. It allows me to see my patients from a different perspective, but it is also a good way to stay connected to my “psychology roots,” so to speak. As a neuropsychologist, some days it feels like I would have been best prepared for my career having attended medical school. It is nice to be reminded of my other skills, which can also benefit my patients.

6)    Any outside hobbies/interests you do not mind sharing?

I enjoy alpine skiing, spending time with my daughter, reading, trail running, and travel. I have always had a soft-spot for animals and my home is never complete without a furry companion. While I have always had dogs, I’ll be getting my first kitten shortly.

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