Practitioner Training in Self-Meaning Based Therapy (SMB-T)

Posted: May 1, 2024

Build on or recreate your therapy practice with Self-Meaning Based Therapy (SMB-T), a therapeutic approach referred to as “groundbreaking,” “transformative,” “innovative,” and “pioneering with great integrative reach!” Join us in our two-day Online Live Practitioner Training on May 18 and 19, 2024, where you will learn to help your patients uncover and transform their unconscious core negative Self-Meaning (SM), which lies at the heart of psychological suffering. Rather than simply managing the unconscious negative effects of the SM with best practice approaches, therapists can help patients permanently dismantle it, and help them realize psychological freedom from the self-created lie borne during childhood. SMB-T also allows patients to reconnect with their inherent creativity and natural design and experience their True Self. 

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