Clinical Psychologist – Senior Clinical Psychologist

Posted: September 21, 2022



Forensic Services, a division of the Minnesota Department of Human Services located at the St. Peter Regional Treatment Facility, is seeking candidates for a compelling career in Forensic Psychology as a Clinical Psychologist/Psychologist 3 or a Behavior Medicine Practitioner/Senior Clinical Psychologist, based on credentials and experience. Forensic Services consists of statewide programs that provides evaluation and treatment to individuals committed as Mentally Ill and Dangerous to the public, Mentally Ill, Developmental Disabilities, and/or Chemical Dependency. Forensic Services also provides innovative and responsive behavioral care to people with complex needs and challenges; some of whom may present substantial safety risks.

In this role, you will provide a variety of psychological services to Forensic Services patients including psychological evaluation, crisis intervention, individual and group psychotherapy. You will also provide:

  • Psychological consultation services regarding differential diagnosis, effective treatment strategies, risk management (e.g., suicidality), and other related issues as requested by treatment teams, other disciplines, and Forensic Services staff.
  • Presentation of information regarding psychological assessment results, patients’ treatment progress, and other pertinent data to appropriate authorities within the hospital, the Special Review Board, the Minnesota courts, and other pertinent state and community agencies, as required.
  • Expert testimony at court and Special Review Board hearings.
  • Technical consultation and direction to a broad spectrum of other clinicians, the courts, county and community providers in the specialized areas of psychology.
  • Specialized consultation to treatment teams in multiple programs serving the mentally ill, chemically dependent, developmentally disabled, and sex offender populations throughout the Forensic Mental Health Program and other forensic settings.
  • Participate in committees addressing performance improvement, program development, and other related topics as requested or assigned.

As a BMP Senior Clinical Psychologist, you’ll provide in addition clinical supervision to unlicensed psychologists, training for unlicensed psychology staff psychology trainees and other Forensic Mental Health Program (FMHP) licensed and unlicensed mental health professionals, offer advanced problem-solving skills when providing clinical consultation and provide mentoring and educational experiences to unlicensed psychologists to enhance department’s overall clinical capacity. You will also effectively solve problems using expertise in specialized psychology practices and a thorough knowledge of organizational policies and procedures.

Psychological services provided at these two psychologist levels will be characterized by: diverse client populations; complex comorbidity of diagnoses / disabilities, and application of a broad range of assessment and psychotherapy techniques.

This announcement will be used to fill multiple vacancies. The vacancies are being posted at the Psychologist 3 and Behavior Medicine Practitioner (BMP) levels and the level at which the vacancy will be filled will be determined by the selected candidate’s qualifications.

Minimum Qualifications
Behavioral Medicine Practitioner:

  • Ph.D. or Psy. D. in clinical/counseling psychology; AND
  • Licensure as a Psychologist by the Minnesota Board of Psychology; AND
  • One year of post-license experience

Psychologist 3

  • Ph.D. or Psy. D. in clinical psychology; AND
  • Licensure as a psychologist by the Minnesota Board of Psychology

*Note: License eligible candidates are eligible to be hired in a provisional status until fully licensed

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience as a Clinical Psychologist in a Correction or Forensics environment

Persons of Color, Indigenous and other diverse cultural and ethnic candidates, as well as bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply. Apply online at, search for Job ID #44935 or click link below Clinical Psychologist – Senior Clinical Psychologist 44935.