MPA is an organization that values diversity


To serve the science of psychology and its applications throughout Minnesota so the interests of public welfare and psychologists are mutually enhanced.


Who We Are

    • in using psychology to enhance the public good.
    • in survival for people, professions, and beliefs.
    • deeply in the ability of psychology to uniquely make a difference in the world.
    • in making a positive impact on evidence, science, and knowledge.
    • our profession is made stronger through the collegiality of professional peers.
    • that psychology is irreplaceable.

Executive Committee:

MPA President 2014

I have been a member of MPA for about 35 years and served as the Legislative Committee Chair for nine years, until becoming president-elect in 2013.  I have previously served two terms (a total of six years) as a General Member of MPA’s Governing Council. I also recently completed a three year term on the Governing Council of the Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Services interest section of the American Hospital Association. I have retired as the Director of Behavioral Health Services of St. Cloud Hospital, in St. Cloud, MN.

“I joined APA while I was still a graduate student in the 1970’s and MPA soon after moving to Minnesota in the late ‘70’s. These are our professional organizations, and we are able to do most of what we do today as professionals and as scientists and teachers because these organizations have effectively advocated for psychology in all its forms. We each can make a difference not only by how we fill our role as a psychologist, but also by how we strengthen our discipline and our profession, and support MPA’s mission to serve the science of psychology and its applications while also serving the people of Minnesota. This is worth doing!”


MPA President-Elect 2014

Scott is the Director of the Behavioral Health Clinic at St. Cloud Hospital/CentraCare.  He is advocate in promoting student learning and teaches Abnormal Psychology at the College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University.  He enjoys helping undergraduate psychology majors get into graduate school by offering an undergraduate internship experience through St. Cloud Hospital’s Behavioral Health Services.  He has served on MPA’s Governing Council since 2011.

“In an era of healthcare reforms and change, I am proud of the work MPA is doing to promote, provide learning opportunities, and advocate for psychologists in Minnesota.”


MPA President 2013

Tabitha is an Associate Professor in the Department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning, in the College of Education and Human Development, at the University of Minnesota. She was previously on the MPA Women’s Division and she’ll be serving on the Governing Council through 2014.

“My goal is to promote psychology in the public interest and to help our members work less stressfully, more productively, and more profitably.”



MPA Secretary 2014

Mimi is a child and adolescent psychologist for AllinaHealth at the Cambridge and North Branch clinics. Her areas of interest include providing culturally competent psychological evaluations and psychotherapy for children of cultural and ethnic minorities (especially Latino and Native American children) and is able to provide evaluations and therapy in Spanish and Portuguese as well as English. After working in a very remote part of MN for 8 years (Grand Marais and Grand Portage), she obtained her prescribing license in NM and worked for the Indian Health Service for a two-year period before returning back to MN. She now also serves as the chair of the psychopharmacology and collaborative practice division.

“I’m interested in working to promote the relevance and importance of MPA to all MN psychologists and to facilitate discussion of psychopharmacology as an important component to the future practice of psychologists in our rural state.”



MPA Treasurer 2014

Pearl retired as a practicing psychologist from Boynton Mental Health Clinic in 2013 but continues in part time teaching, private practice and service.   He has spent several years on human service and psychology related boards, including the MPA Governing Council.

“MPA provides an open space where psychologists can network and collaborate to ensure that psychology continues to grow as a discipline with its numerous applications.”


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